New Paper Published – APL Materials

Well done to my PhD student Charley who has had an excellent paper published in APL Materials (IF: 4.296).

PNR study of the phase transition in FeRh thin films,
C Bull, C. W. Barton, W. Griggs, A. Caruana, C. J. Kinane, P. W. Nutter and T. Thomson.
Vol 7, Issue 10, 101117 (2019).

The paper reports on the results of a polarised neutron reflectivity (PNR) study aimed at determining the physical and magnetic structure of FeRh at room temperature and partway through the transition. The PNR results are analysed with reference to X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectivity, and atomic force microscopy data, which together provide a consistent description of the magnetic and physical state of the FeRh thin films. We demonstrate that the nucleation of the ferromagnetic phase initiates at the MgO substrate, and results from structural and magnetic measurements demonstrate that the magnetic behaviour and strain properties of FeRh correlate with the evolving topography of the three films investigated